Village Partenaire

Partners Village

This 1000 m2 exclusive space brings together around fifteen brands which display in blue and white striped beach huts, symbol of the Brittany coast. Located next to the VIP boxes and the warm up arena, the Partners Village associates the values of the brands represented to the elegance of equestrian sport.

Accessible to visitors, this refined place also facilitates exchanges between professionals, riders, owners or visitors, in a convivial atmosphere.

The Champagne Bar managed by Edouard Set offers a high standard menu and gives rhythm to the parties of the show, thanks to the DJ of the Bax, hotspot of La Baule evenings.

Opening hours:  09.00am – 07.00pm (stands) ; 08.00am – 10.00pm (Champagne Bar)



The Saddery of the Juraires distributes exclusively the lines of clothes ready to carry Italian and accessories for horses Animo and Anna Scarpati.
Haras des Juraires
These two brands, in our eyes, are the only ones that combine the tradition of sewing know-how with the need for clothing and technological accessories to meet the demanding expectations of riders, whether amateur or professional and well heard of the best riders in the world.

Whatever the venue or level you will always find among the best of a contest, a great price, an Animo jacket or pants or a Scarpati rug.

La Sellerie offers the entire range of the two brands that it currently considers as those that best meet the expectations of the most demanding riders, both for themselves and their horses.

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Antarès Sellier France

Antarès with option XA LABEL: The Antarès saddle is an exceptional product.  The saddles are made in our factories and are hand crafted for you and your horse. 
Antarès Sellier France
Only our best saddle fitters are able to decide which product is the right one for the rider and his horse.

Customizable and tailored saddle. 
Price : 3 950 €

Available in buffalo or calfskin leather

Stitching: White/Orange/Red/Fuchsia/Blue/Green/Beige/Brown/Grey/Black

Back finish:
Orange/Colour metal/burgundy/Antarès blue/Royal Blue/Fuchsia/Green/Black/Brown/Gold/Glossy

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Bruno Delgrange Maitre Sellier

Bruno Delgrange photo VP

The Bruno Delgrange brand is recognised worldwide for its values and the perfection of its work. Our workshop is entirely dedicated to the equestrian world and remains at the heart of our passion for the horse, responding to the specific needs of riders.

The Bruno Delgrange range is made entirely by hand, always considering the welfare of the animals. This craftsmanship is the real strong-point of our workshop, which has been awarded the EPV label, a symbol of excellence for French expertise. Each piece can be customised and guarantees a unique feel.

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Château de Rouillac

Visuel VP Chateau de Rouillac

The perfect blend between a Great wine of Bordeaux and the passion of horses

Historical domain situated in the prestigious Pessac-Léognan Appellation, Château de Rouillac belonged to the famous Baron Haussmann who acquires the domain in 1864. He orders numerous works and associates horses with the history of Rouillac, by building very beautiful stables.

In 2009, when Laurent Cisneros crossed the property, he fell under the spell of this beautiful sleepy and decided to seal his family’s fate to Rouillac.
Man of commitment and accomplished leader, he invests in this new challenge through a real new lifestyle which gathers in particular the wine and the horses which are raised and worked at the heart of the property with the same passion.

With his elder daughter Melanie, they share together sport and emotions in the competitions of show jumping. Partners of the International Jumping of La Baule for three years, Laurent and Melanie Cisneros have the pleasure to participate in the “CSI Amateur”.

They will be happy also to welcome you to discover the history of the domain and the Great wines of Château de Rouillac !

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CWD Sellier

CWD is a high range saddle maker dedicated to the rider’s sporting performances. Today the world champions ride with a CWD saddle. If you look at the 250 best world riders, 86 out of them have a saddle and accessories from CWD.

We owe this success to our politics of innovation and investments in all fields: research and development, savoir-faire, customer relationship, training.CWD Sellier publi VP

And it is thanks to its innovation policy that CWD is today the brand for innovative and smart products, perfectly adapted to the competitive requirements. This is evidenced by the creation of a connected saddle : the iJump. Technology at its best inside a saddle to offer the best training ever for both horse and rider. The iOt revolution is on !

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Egide good one logoEGIDE is a mega-helmet: the ultimate helmet.

Made in France, the EGIDE helmet combines superlative and usually contradictory qualities: a brilliant design but extremely lightweight and incredibly comfortable, very protective, resilient over time …

Before EGIDE, riders and cyclists had to compromise when selecting certain of these qualities.

Now they simply have to choose their model and colour …
- EC EN 1384 standard certification (August 2017)
- Crown made 100% Carbon and Fibre Glass
- Manufactured entirely by hand in France

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GBS Sellier

LOGO GBS Sellier
GBS Sellier designs and manufactures saddles and riding accessories. Sensitive to traditional values as well as to the quality of the materials used, GBS Sellier makes each custom-made saddle with pommels and exclusively French leathers.

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GPA Safety Legend

GPA a pris l’habitude de révolutionner le monde du casque !

La première révolution pour le casque de F1-Rallye-Moto, a été le casque sans jugulaire GPA/SJ.
En 1994, GPA élabore le premier casque d'équitation homologué avec la sortie du GPA Classic avec une jugulaire 3 points.

En 2017, GPA pense le Global-Concept, un concentré de technologie issu d’une conception totalement innovante et inédite en matière de protection et de stabilité. Nos ingénieurs ont repensé une toute nouvelle jugulaire rigide en carbone kevlar 4 points, entièrement produite dans nos ateliers en France !

Aujourd’hui, GPA a le plaisir de vous présenter le 4S Concept, un produit totalement inédit qui associe la technologie 4S et la nouvelle jugulaire rigide du Global-Concept  qui apporte une protection cervicale supplémentaire, un meilleur maintien, une meilleure stabilité du casque et un plus grand confort !
La boucle en aluminium usiné aimanté permet une attache sécurisée rapide et facile.

Cette version est disponible en version First lady ou version Speed’air et également en version carbone.

Tailles : du 52 au 60

PVP TTC Conseillés :
4S Concept Mixte Carbone : 998 €
4S Concept Full Carbone : 1 628 €

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Hermès Sellier

Hermès VivaceHermès Vivace

Héritière de la selle Steinkraus et plus récemment d'Hermès Allegro, la selle Hermès Vivace offre une sensation de proximité inégalée entre le cheval et son cavalier tout en éliminant les épaisseurs et les points de pression superflus  pour un confort amélioré. Parfaitement adaptée aux cavaliers qui aiment monter en équilibre à l’obstacle, elle allie centre de gravité avancé, stabilité et confort.

* Siège plat en veau | Assise en mousse et néoprène | Tailles de 16,5 à 18 pouces 
* Quartiers en vache avec doublure en veau en option | Avancées de quartiers sur mesure | Zéro, deux ou quatre taquets | Taquets souples pour plus de flexibilité des pointes de panneaux
* Arçon plat en bois à ouverture standard ou large
* Sanglage en V pour une meilleure stabilité de la selle
* Panneaux intégrés en latex avec cales injectées souples | Pointes de panneaux concaves et affinées pour un total dégagement des épaules et un maximum de surface portante | Goulotte large pour un parfait dégagement de la ligne dorsale
* Coloris naturel, noir

Tarif : 6 500 € TTC pour la version doublée. Chaque selle est développée sur-mesure pour s’adapter aux différentes préférences et morphologies du cheval et du cavalier. 

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Horse's Line

Horse's Line is specialized in the construction and equipment of equestrian facilities.
 Horse's line
Listening to the needs of our customers and their horses, all your projects can be tailor-made.

We also offer a wide range of standardized boxes, available in large quantities and quickly deliverable.

All the equipment to equip your stables, tack rooms, meadows and slopes is at your disposal at Horse's Line.

Ever in pursuit of excellence and innovation, Horse's Line has developed its own range of obstacle equipment, meeting the needs of professionals at very attractive prices.

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Le Fondant Baulois

At the beginning of the 80s, the Fondant Baulois comes out of the oven of a little pastry shop, in the center of La Baule.

Prepared exclusively with simple and natural ingredients (cocoa, fresh eggs, butter with local sea salt, flour and cane sugar), its texture and delicately caramelized flavor quickly settle the Fondant Baulois as the local gourmet speciality.

Our secretly kept recipe and artisanal methods have remained unchanged since 1981. The ”authentique” Fondant Baulois has become an essential part of La Baule’s lifestyle, that every traveler can bring back home to savour and share.

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Visuel fondant baulois

Shops :
Boutique de La Baule - 131 av de Gaulle - La Baule
Boutique de Pornichet - 2 Bd de la République - Pornichet

Nero Cavalli

Nero Cavalli produit VP

In constant quest for innovation, Nero Cavalli, specialist in Equestrian equipment 100% MADE IN ITALY, presents the brand Acavallo, innovative products with therapeutic gel developed to limit shocks and vibrations on the back of your horse, these nontoxic, anti-bacterial and anti-slip shock absorbers fit to your saddle and contribute in optimizing its balance.

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