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La Baule Young Horse Show

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The sport horses breeders organisation CHEVAL PAYS DE LA LOIRE, the Longines International Jumping of La Baule and the Pays de la Loire Committee are pleased to invite you to the third edition of the young horses event "La Baule Young Horse Show".

The concept is still the same, the 10 best three-years old young horses of 2019, descended from horses breeding of sport horses from the Pays de la Loire tested and selected during breeding competitions in April by a dedicated team of judges, will be presented in free jumping on Friday, May 17 in the early evening.

The objective remains the same, it is a showcase of these young horses’ jumping qualities which speak for our breeders’ know-how. This event will allow you to discover and appreciate the "made in Pays de la Loire" of these three-years old that are at the very beginning of their learning. They will tread on Saturday, May 18 in the late morning, on the magnificent grass of the François André stadium for a parade, before an award ceremony that will mark their first visit to this mythical place and the beginning of a sports career that we wish them at the highest level.

 Are you interested in these regional selections? Would you like to participate? You have spotted a three-years old in a qualifying event and you would like to get in touch with its breeders? We are at your disposal by phone, email or during the show at the Région des Pays de la Loire stand. Do not hesitate to contact us.


See you soon and enjoy the show

Olivier Fouque, President

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In partnership with the Société des Concours Hippiques de La Baule

With the financial help of the Région des Pays de La Loire

The selection tour for the Baule Young Horse Show :

  • 4th of april at lycée technique Le Bois Tillac, Le Pellerin (44)
  • 17th of april at Pascal Leroy stables, Blain (44)
  • 24th of april in the départemental Parc of l’Isle Briand, Lion d’Angers (49)
  • 25th of april at lycée agricole, Laval (53)
  • 26th of april at Haras de Vendée, la Roche sur yon (85)